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Faster closing. Powerful analytics. Airtight compliance. The new standard in mortgage lending is here.

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The challenge with mortgages today

New technologies are rapidly transforming companies and industries around the world. Yet, originating a loan today is still extremely manual and complex. The massive volume of a $10 trillion vertical further compounds the issue, leaving the industry with slow closing times, compliance challenges, and poor process monitoring.

The Blend Solution

Blend transforms this process by integrating every touchpoint throughout the life of every loan into one automated, intelligent platform.

Real-time enterprise supply chain monitoring

View and respond to the status of your company’s mortgage portfolio and manufacturing process with real-time dashboards. Drill down from executive to loan officer to identify root causes and troubleshoot problem areas by adjusting and implementing new lending and compliance strategies instantly.

The fastest origination and compliance processes

Transform the core operations of your team’s origination process with the LOS of the future. Indicate file problems, suggest next steps, and automate repetitive enterprise workflow tasks.

A simpler, more transparent mortgage experience

Provide a better end-to-end experience for your borrowers with tools to upload documents, check loan status, and maintain communication — on any device.

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We’re transforming the experience of one of the most important purchases people make — their home. Home lending is a $10 trillion vertical that hasn't kept pace with technology. We’re already providing massive value to some of the biggest names in the industry, and bringing them and their customers the consumer-grade tools they deserve.